Living Waters Publishing

Living Waters Publishing

What is Living Waters Publishing? 

  Living Waters Publishing was started by Chuck Groot in response to a need in the community to provide cohesive resources to encourage positive lifestyle and health changes. 

 It encompasses a variety of websites and publications that showcase better choices for physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and even financial and business health. 

 The focus is on Vancouver Islandparticularly lower Vancouver Island, yet it reaches all over the globe. 

 We update all our sites on a continuous basis in order to stay current and relevant. Our printed material comes out monthly. 

 Why do we do this? Our background is in teaching and counselling. Daily we see people struggling with one thing or another. In many cases these people are struggling in several areas. For some reason or another they are not getting or finding the help they need with many lifestyle and health issues. 

 Yes, the need is always out there – there is no end.  If, however, we can touch one person’s life and ease their struggle, then we have accomplished our purpose. Perhaps a friend or family member will read one of our many articles and it will help them recognize or empathize with someone’s  situation and they in turn can reach out and help. That would be a blessing. 

 Your success is our main priority, whether it is in life or business. You can count on us to deliver when you commission us for business, marketing, or advertising consulting. Our proven track record of helping businesses around the globe for over 30 years tells the tale. 

 It’s all about making a difference in any way we can.  

 Thank you for asking.  

 If you feel you can write an article(s) for us or support us in another way, we would be most appreciative.